Although still being a carbon based lifeform, I believe the substance that makes intelligent life worth of living is not flesh and blood, but the curiosity and creativity enabled by the immense complexity of our neural networks. Thus, it seems to be just a logical step of evolution to transcendence our biological bounds and limitations into purely abstract form, where physical or virtual existence would be just a matter of implementation :-)

Since transcending of our minds sounds merely as a dream, we can already enjoy living in various virtual worlds based purely on computer graphics and simplified rules of physics. Grids like Second Life, InWorldz, Open Simulator or Sansar are perfect examples of such virtual worlds, and of course, they took my attention. I think, the most fascinating aspect of these grids, which makes them more interesting than any usual computer game, is that they allow to upload and build user-created objects and enable people to get creative. Moreover, you can even script functionality of your creations by a dedicated scripting language :-)

Because of the plain fact, that creating of 3D graphics is extremely time-consuming task, it's just reasonable to share and trade creations between users of these grids, so do I and here you can find links to my sites...

Second Life Grid
Blender Market
Blender Swap

I come from the Czech Republic and my native language is Czech.
So, I would like to apologize in advance for any eventual mistakes or misleading formulations in my version of English :)