Blender Addons

Blender is a well known open-source package for 3D graphics. It's a very vivid and progressing project. Every new release brings some new exciting features and improvements. By design, it can't compete with parametric non-destructive CAD packages, but compared to other commercial mesh based programs (like Maya, 3ds Max or MODO), Blender does a very good job and even exceeds them in many aspects like:

  • Very light and easy installation on Windows, Mac, Linux. No obstructive registration needed :)
  • Super fast program start compared to the heavy commercial programs.
  • Efficient and logically chosen shortcuts.
  • Can use GPU for rendering (PBR live-rending comes in version 2.8).
  • Fully customizable user interface with fast response (even enables proportional scaling for ages).

Of course, there are features that are still missing in Blender and some tasks are quite complicated to do (especially texturing, missing decent material libraries, etc). But here comes the best part of Blender - Python based scripting API, which is really powerful and brings almost infinite possibilities to customize Blender and to automate any task. All these brilliant features makes Blender literally endless source of fun and all for free!

My Blender Addons
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