Blender Themes

My custom themes for Blender, I have been tuning since I started to learn Blender. To install a Blender theme, just go to the User Preferences - Themes. The actual xml files are stored in the user's folder like ../Blender/2.79/scripts/presets/interface_theme.

Miki-Grey-Flat Theme

Modifications to the default Blender theme:
  • Flat buttons with thin grey borders.
  • All toggle and radio buttons are blue highlighted when selected.
  • Light grey background for script editor.
  • Download here: miki-flat.xml

Miki-Bluetone Theme

Modifications to the default Blender theme:
  • More subtle gradients for control elements.
  • Blue toned text boxes.
  • Dark blue background for script editor inspired by Monokai/Solarized themes.
  • Download here: miki-bluetone.xml


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